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Technical Difficulties [
6.26.06 - 6:08 pm

[ mood | Long Live The Geeks! :) ]

This is not a test. HH has been forced into a mini-hiatus before it's even begun. I'm having trouble securing a non-temporay image editor. So don't expect any activity here for the next little while, if indeed anyone has ever even visited this place yet. Haha! Love for all my non-viewers. Thank you.


The Cast [
6.19.06 - 5:13 pm

[ mood | productive ]

Cast of CharactersCollapse )

First Post Ever [
6.19.06 - 10:49 am

[ mood | accomplished ]

This is the untrue story
Of Fourteen Sorcerers
Picked to live in a castle
Room together and have their lives taped
To find out what happens
When wizards stop being polite
And start going mental
At Hogwarts House

Welcome! This is Hogwarts House. If you hadn't guessed from the paragraph above, HH is a Potter-themed parody of The Real World (no copyright infringement intended on either count). It's a comic that isn't really a comic, because I can't draw to save my life. Think graphic novel, but with less novel and more graphics. Also known as, Fun with Photoshop!

Warnings include: Occasional slash (nothing graphic, mind), Vast blurring of the line between IC and OOC, Mild amounts of Percy Weasley, and Voldemort wearing a "Kiss the Dark Lord" apron while making little chocolate muffins with green, Dark Mark-shaped frosting on them, but I digress...


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